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Teacher/First Responder Bill Fails-Surprise!

Posted by Tsach Gilboa on October 21, 2011 at 12:45 PM

Teacher/First Responder Bill Fails – Surprise!

With the filibuster by Republicans looming, the Senate voted50/50 with all Republicans against–joined in their negative act by three Democrats–falling short of the 60 votes needs to overcome a filibuster. What a surprise.  For the second time in as many weeks, every single Republican voted against a jobs bill that would put Americans back to work.

Setting aside the asinine, irresponsible, undemocratic and unnecessary filibuster concept, that should be put out of our collective misery immediately, we are again faced with the disconnect from reality and lack of wisdom so prevalent in the Senate, especially on the right.

With a simple and painless funding solution of ½% tax on income over $1 Million, for the portion past $1.1 Million, this bill would have put teachers, police and firefighters back to work to support our communities and our country.  It would alsom have generated more consunption and more badly needed revenue. In a clearly political vote the right, yet again, decided to do their best to sink the economy further and to make sure most American’s feel the pain with no relief in sight to hope for.

Senator Marco Rubio, R-Florida, summed up this “Brilliantand insightful philosoph" as follows: “We cannot afford to be bailing out local governments, and we can’t afford stimulus 2.0”.  One can clearly see why there is talk in Republican circles of nominating this fountain of smarts and economic prowess to the 2012 Republican ticke, as potential Vice President. 

In these morally and intellectually bankrupt political circles of our country, this actually makes perfect sense.  We seem to have fallen victim to the mediocre, narrowminded, regressive and superficial. Smarts and thinking-it- through seem to hold little attraction to those in power, especially on the right. To Marco Rubio there is not much I can say.  Experience dictates that when there is no one to talk to,one should refrain from talking. If, however, there was a chance to get through here, one can only mention two unpaid for wars, prescription drugs, subsidies to the most profitable US industries, lowest taxes in 80 years, a decade of slack regulation and low taxes which got us this charming recession and the Senate and House unable to get anything done, courtesy of people in office like Mr.Rubio, who should not be in office, not if they do not have what it takes intellectually to understand the issues, and the social and political compromise skills to get agreements with the other side for the best result for all Americans, not just the wealthy and privileged.

Again, I am thankful to the Occupy movement for bringing these issues to the forefront and for steering the conversation to the real issues of jobs, jobs, jobs and the resulting growth.  And yes, government has a critical role to play in these times of dire need and pain.   Clearly those that don’t/can’t understand these truths should not be in public service or at least should have their compensation and benefits contingent on the results they produce.  No bills, no work, no good results for the American people =no pay!




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