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A very stupid and bad video

Posted by Tsach Gilboa on February 23, 2013 at 2:00 PM

A very stupid and bad video

4 American’s and 10 Libyans are dead in Libya because ofriots blamed on a vile, ignorant and bigoted anti-Islamic short video of 13.51minutes.  The video, apparently, atrailer for a movie?  Has been on utubefor several months with little attention until an Egyptian satellite TV channeldecided to incite riot with it and so it did from Egypt to Libya to another 12countries in the Middle East and Asia with no end in site.

Out of simple curiosity (after all it–in addition tointelligence–is what separates us from the plebian and beasts!) I decided towatch it, and a very painful experience it was. The video is so amateurish it is laughable. It appears to have been madeby a very inept infantile group of people, probably young and with no talent,maturity or experience.  It was probablymade by just such people but older and with specific intentions to incite riotsand violence and build a case for American hatred for Islam.

Who exactly those people are we don’t know.  Resources should be devoted to findingout.  Freedom of Speech–a right Icherish–is not absolute nor can it be. Incitement to riot and violence is an exception and considering the realand predictable risk of serious violence and possibly death involved here, acase might be made for reckless endangerment and possibly murder.

It is important to note that this video was not the cause ofthe riots, violence and death but merely a convenient excuse for the extremegroups out there who launch and coordinate these acts of violence.  It is also important to note that the Libyaattack that resulted in the death of 4 Americans, including the US Ambassadorand 10 Libyans was done by a well equipped and armed commando unit which nodoubt planned this operations in advance.

The resulting unrest and violence and acts of murder andterrorism as part of the Arab Spring are not unique to that Arab world.  Fall of dictators and oppressive regimesoften results and transition periods where extremists in those societies grab power,for a while, and try to advance their extreme causes and ideologies byviolence.  America is no the right trackin supporting and assisting the moderate, progressive and voices of reason inthose societies and in assisting them to build a strong civil society whichwill minimize, if not prevent, the ability of extreme elements to cause suchdevastating damage.

The fact that such a repulsively boring, infantile,amateurish and bad piece of media can be used as a pretext here for such widespread riots, violence and murder, is simply an indication that a segment ofthe population over there is splashing in the very shallow, narrow minded andreligiously ignorant waters.  Not unlikeother places of this planet, including our own back yard.  War against women (REAL), War against thepoor and the middle class (REAL), War on science and progress (REAL), War ofthe planet (REAL), War on voting rights and Democracy, and more, in our backyard is no less insidious and is and will have even more dire consequences ifwe don’t stop them. 


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