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We are not all the same?

Posted by Tsach Gilboa on August 16, 2012 at 7:50 PM

We are not all the same?

On July 19, 2012 Ann Romney in a TV interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, when asked about Mitt Romney releasing more tax returns, said “We have given all you people need to know”. I will not jump to the obvious conclusion just because Robin Roberts is African American. I’m pretty sure that was not Ann Romney’s intent. Her statement is substantially more disturbing and insulting than just a race issue. This is a perfect example of the worldview of the entitled rich few vs. the rest of us “People”.

History is filled with examples of the entitled fortunate few, not quite getting the life and reality of average regular folks. History is also filled with the entitled rich few blaming the suffering struggling masses for their lot in life. And who can blame them, they do not know any different. The results of this worldview range from the relatively benign of “Let them eat cake”–to the ongoing and growing bullying problem we are experiencing, to engage in agressive and dishonest actions designed to dismantle the social safety net and to deny people affordable health care, to extreme cases of horrific genocides in human history, especially in the last 100 years. The former ended up in the French revolution and the beheading of the lovely and entitled Mary Antoinette, while the latter in the torture and death of millions. Nothing good ever comes from self important entitled perception, very deficient in self awareness, that one or small group are worth more as human beings than others, based on social status, money, race, gender, religion, belief, shape, national/geographic origin and/or sexual orientation etc. Obviously it is the prevention of extreme results, which unfortunately keep happening in disturbing regularity, that is the point here.

There is a common thread in that tapestry of man’s inhumanity to man. That thread starts, revolves around and ends with the fundamental belief and premise that we are not all the same. It all begins with the false premise that some of us are worth more as human beings. It is the origins of bigotry and hatred. The foundation of racism, anti-Semitism and all the other isms out there that caused and continue to cause pain, torture, death and destruction of humans by humans for centuries. History has showed us over and over again how incendiary this slippery slope is. By comparison all the hoopla over gay marriage is clearly a non-issue. Gay marriage will not result in an epidemic of group marriages, people marrying their dogs and other such nonsense. We know this because it is irrational and because none of this has come to pass in the states where gay marriage is legal (and yes society can legitimize the love of two people of same gender without legitimizing polygamy or bestiality). We also know that teaching and living with the premise that others are less human than you has resulted, over and over again, in atrocities.

Of course I am not saying that Ann Romney is a racist or a bigot. What I am saying is that she is a “Richist”. Her comments reek of entitled indignation and indicate that she believes she is not, and should not, be subject to the same standards as “you people”. Just what “you people” she is referring to is not clear. Is it you media people? You African American people? You Democrat people? You non Mormon “you people”, Or, all you 99% of American’s with less money than us very rich people? In any and all these cases, this is very dangerous ground indeed.

Just yesterday August 15, 2012, in an interview with Natalie Morales, Ann Romney, again defensively declared “We have been very transparent to what’s legally required of us. But the more we release, the more we get attacked, the more we get questioned…” Leaving aside the obvious issue of Ann Romney not being the one that is running for office, qualified or not, the logical conclusion here is that the Romney campaign decided it is better not to release more returns, and especially those from 2009, and put up with the issues that raises, rather than releasing them and putting them put there for the voters to see and question. If there is nothing to hide, why not release them and be done with this?

The other possibility is that Mr. and Mrs. Romney just don’t think that we the people have a right to know these facts about them, even though we have been given these facts about all other presidential candidates. It is this word view that they do not have to put up with this level of scrutiny since after all, they are who they are, and they decide what information we the people are going to get. That double standard that differentiates between people and groups is the breading ground for our ongoing descents into the personal, national and global abyss.

But in the real world, and back to this presidential election, we the people require disclosure of basic and essential information about you before we elect you to be president of these United States. Anyone who does not feel comfortable disclosing this pertinent and relevant information to us, should not run for the highest office in the land. Unlike the private lives of movie stars, which are really none of our business, presidential candidates history and their character, governing experience, ideology and specifically fiscal history, tax behavior and philosophy are critical to our voting decisions. This is a beauty pageant and the burden is on the office seeker to convince us with facts, truth, honesty, vision and integrity that they are the one to lead us. Failure to do so will simply result in, well, failure!

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