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Solution = Single Payer

Posted by Tsach Gilboa on February 16, 2012 at 8:55 PM

Solution = Single Payer

 The current contraceptives tempest in a teapot, left me no choice but to write a blog.  The current year is 2012 and the vast majority of us (99%) use contraceptives.  Important to note right here that this is not just a women issue. Most men are delighted not to have to wear a condom to prevent pregnancy when in a committed relationship, and no STD issues or the possibility of such is a consideration.

It’s bad enough that we have a ridiculous discourse over abortion in this country. An ignorant, religious belief based, dictatorial and imposing. But contraception?  That issue is resolved and done with by all concerned of all faiths, beliefs,non-beliefs and persuasions.  The only ones that seem to relish in creating an issue out of a non-issue are political opportunists from the right and a few Catholic bishops who are not part of society or real life.  They do not have relations with women, don't marry, don’t father children and generally have no clue about real people living real lives.

This is clearly NOT a religious freedom issue. This is clearly a women health issue, simple and clear.  We all have opinions and beliefs and causes we are for and against.  As citizens we have our vote and freedom of speech to convey our positions.  Those that are against war can protest, write letters, petition our government, but ultimately we have no control over our government defense and war spending. Healthcare is not and should not be the business of  faith and that is the bottom line.  The church should not be in the healthcare business.  The church can preach its point of view and belief to its flock, who then can decide if they want to follow it or not. Healthcare has nothing to do with religion of religious beliefs.  Contraception for women if not just for family planning and prevention of pregnancy.  It is critical for a variety of conditions and prevention of some. And lets not forget a very critical issue:  Preventing pregnancy via contraception eliminates the need for termination of said pregnancy for any reason, health and safety of the women included.

The battle over contraception is so far removed from relevance and reason; it would be laughable if it were not so critical.  But there is a very easy solution here and it is as obvious as sunrise, sunset and the nose on our faces.  Single Payer healthcare, where choices of coverage are made by individuals based on scientific prevention and health reasons and not faith or partisan-political reasons made out of ignorance, misogyny and simple lack of self esteem, self confidence and most important, selfawareness. And yes, lets not forget stupidity.




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