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Home for New Year's Eve.

Posted by Tsach Gilboa on January 3, 2012 at 3:40 AM

Home for New Year’s Eve!

Although I remember New Year Eve’s out with all its rituals, drinking and “Joyful” parties designed to bring in the new year in with others, some you know and some you have no desire to know and will never see again, for the past 15 years the option of staying home was and is my first and only choice by far.

2011 was not a particularly good year, personally or as a human on this small blue/green planet and there is no reason to think–assuming one engages in rational thought which is a rarity these days–that 2012 will be any better. We humans seem to be bend on destructive behavior, personally and as a race, using the power of reason to rationalize and justify our behavior instead of modifying it to preserve, sustain and evolve our culture, humanity and species.

New Year's Eve is supposed to bring about some though and analysis to past behavior and the birth of and commitment to a plan for change, leading to a better New Year. Alas, these plans of mice and men usually don’t amount to much, as we all tend to go back to old habits and patterns.

Which brings me to New Year’s Eve. 2011/12. As has been my tradition for several years now, New Year’s Eve is dinner at home with my son and/or friends, watching several of Chris Curtis’ schmaltzy but very satisfying films. Although the first movie is always “Love Actually”,  the second is up for grabs. This year the choice for second film  was “Notting Hill”, which compliments “Love Actually” beautifully. However, this year we also had a very special unexpected delight, the weather!

Our food choice this year was Rosti. It is just up the street and provides delicious basic Italian food. There was no debate on the offerings. We ordered Chicken Milanese with roasted potatoes and broccoli, minestrone soup and pizza margarita with mushrooms. As always, while we wait for the food we went next door to "Nothing Bundt Cakes" for a chocolate/ chocolate chip mini cake and another flavor of fancy of the moment, this time red velvet won!

As we stepped out of the house to get the food, we thought we died and went to heaven.  A fog had moved in and the dry cold air was replaced with soft cool mist, soothing to the throat and lungs. Streetlights reflected through the trees in a kaleidoscope of patterns and colors, only made possible by the mist. It was like we stepped into a werewolf and vampire wonderland, the stimulating, not mutilating, kind. It is the kind of weather that makes one feel alive and happy to be so.

The evening just got better from there.  the food was delicious, the company delightful and Richard Curtis and Co. delivered two movies about love, first and mature, friendship of all ages and overcoming obstacles and loss to find that all elusive happiness once again. Schmaltzy? Absolutely. A little naive? For sure. However, filled with wonderment and humor which proves, every time, very nourishing to the soul, in a perfect balance to the food that filled our tummies and satisfied all those taste buds.

Happy New Year

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