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Just how low is the Bar?

Posted by Tsach Gilboa on November 5, 2011 at 1:40 PM

Just how low is the bar?

We are clearly in Presidential election mod in the midst of the Republican primary season.  One can’t help but be dismayed by the group of Republican presidential hopefuls. They seem to be all suffering from mediocrity and one or more of the following ailments and deficiencies:

1.    Don’t believe in Evolution (oblivious to the fact that it is not a question of belief but of factual science).

2.    Don’t believe in Climate Change/Global Warming, human contribution to it and the catastrophic disaster to humanity if action is not taken to slow it down (oblivious to the fact that, again, it is not aquestion of belief but of factual science).

3.    General lack of belief on Science – need I say more?

4.    Lack of basic understanding of how the economy works and what steps will get us out of this mess vs. what steps have been tried and failed abysmally–like tax cuts–over the past 10 years.

5.    Lack of understanding of the issues and foreign affairs–like the fact that China has had nuclear weapons since 1964...

6.    Claiming “God” chose them to be president!

7.    Preoccupation with social issues, like a woman’s right to choose and gay marriage and affirming an aleady existing law that our US motto is "In God we trust",  instead of solving the critical unemployment problem and working on jobs, jobs, jobs.

8.    Calling for a fence, preferably electrified, on the border with Mexico as a way to solve our illegal immigration problem.

9.    Flip-flopping on any and all issues over and over again.

10.  Refusing to address the revenue side of fixing our economy but more-than-happy to engage in draconian budget cuts that will stop the growth, slow as it is, that we are experiencing and hurt the dwindling middle class and the poor.

11.  Infavor of additional tax cuts to those who do not need them and subsidies to the most profitable industries in America like oil and gas.

12.  Calling for the abolition of the EPA, which after all just tries to make sure we have clean air, clear water and clean food, and holding the Corporations that pollute our environment accountable.

13.  Against the affordable healthcare act which will go a long way to solving our escalatinghealthcare costs and extend healthcare protection to millions of Americans who do not have it.

14.  Gut the working Social Security and Medicare/Medicade programs, which lifted and still liftmillions out of poverty, and can be easily made solvent for the long run with simple measures like lifting contribution caps, streamlining operations and instituting a single payer program that works well in the rest of the industrialized world, a world  that left us far behind in this critical human right to great affordable and preventative focused healthcare.

15.   Declaring that we should “Let foreclosures run their course” and have people of means buy these properties and rent them to the previous owners. All this while the bankers who created this mess out of greed and stupidity, keep their jobs and huge bonuses and avoid any consequences for their actions (maybe this new effort by stare Attorney General’s like Beau Bidden,will correct that).

16.  Accused and admitted to being accused of sexual Harassment of young women while leading the organizations they worked for, and then settling with them for large sums of money and then claiming that the reporting of these stories by the media is “Racist”.

17. Coming up with regressive flat tax proposals that substantially reduce taxes for the rich and shift the burden to the middle class and poor while shortchanging much needed revenues.

And the band played on and on and on…

The bottom line here is that we are truly living in an age where ignorance and mediocrity by those who are running for office and positions of great authority and power–including the Presidency of the United States of America–is not only flaunted, but also actually presented with great pride as a badge of honor.  Makes one wonder just how far we’ve fallen and how much farther do we have left to fall, as the Empire continues on its decline.  With people being taken in by the likes of Perry, Bachmanand Cain, building on the equally ridiculous rational for liking and voting for George W Bush since “He’s a guy I can have a beer with!”, once cannot help but feel somewhat disheartened.

However, there is still hope.  The “Occupy” movement is showing us that Democracy is still alive and kicking in this country. People still care and feel motivated to get involved and go out and protest what is clearly a dismal state of play.  Building on that and making sure voices of reason, fairness and well informed intelligent and factual positions are put to bear on the challenges we face, might just bring about a better future for all.


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