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Real men cook

Posted by Tsach Gilboa on May 28, 2013 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (2)

Real men cook

Most men can cook and be great at it. It’s simply a question of jumping in there and doing it, with plenty of great recipes, in books and online, to get you started. From there it’s simply getting in the kitchen regularly, experimenting with recipes, honing your skills and developing good food instincts.

Being from a certain generation, I learned to cook from my Mother. From around age 5, I would hang around the kitchen and watch her cook. I was convinced that this is a skill I must have. “What if my wife can’t cook?” was my rational and the source of my endless motivation (The fact that my father’s culinary skills are non-existent, was no-doubt a contributing factor).

My Mother is an intuitive improvisational cook, which made for great food, usually. Meals were mostly an adventure. Recipes, simply a starting point, with favorite dishes coming out a little different every single time. A modus operandi I always loved and still follow.

As I grew up, I experimented with all kinds of foods, mostly with good to great results. My exploration of all that is edible via cookbooks and later the food channel, involved cooking many different meals and trying new ideas (10,000 hours and all that jazz). As I progressed in my quest for great food, I realized that although most of my friend’s mothers were the primary cooks at home, the majority of great chefs and restaurant chefs are, and always were, men (not that there is anything wrong with it).

Fortunately this is fast changing with a meaningful increase in women chefs, giving us more creativity and options for great food, outside the home. But even today, most executive chefs are men. Out of 2,134 certified executive chefs in the US, only 92 are women, which represents 4.3%.

While historically, the outdoor BBQ was the domain of manly men, we men are increasingly moving into the indoor kitchen; a good thing indeed.

During my marital period, I alternated cooking with my then wife, who is great cook. After the divorce and as I evolved into vegetarianism and then veganism, I stepped up and developed recipes for my son and me. In addition to making sure we ate nutritious and delicious food, it created traditions and memories in my home with him, and allowed for a separation and feelings of uniqueness and comfort in my 50% percent of his time, distinct from those experiences in his time with his mother at her house.

Food goes far beyond nutrition and sustenance. It is an essential ingredient in family, friendships and community. Most, if not all, of our holidays revolve around food and special dishes. Every country, region and ethnic group have unique foods. There are foods for every mood and, like music, food and smells of food trigger memories and feelings of belonging, special times and being home. Great food, presented right and consumed with care and interaction, is a theatrical and spiritual experience. Some men have always been part of that discipline, mainly on the professional side. It is high time we conquered the home kitchen and participated in that most important and essential life ritual. This is an opportunity for men to experiment and give birth to satisfying edible and social delights. It’s an opportunity to contribute and build a culture of food in your home, starting with your spouse and kids and expanding to your extended family and friends. Everyone’s life will be richer and happier and your future daughter/son-in-law and grandchildren will thank you for it. And to get you started, following is a favorite, easy to make, delicious and nutritious vegan pasta recipe. Enjoy!

Vegan Spinach Pasta Serves 4


1. Angles Hair Vegan or your favorite Pasta. We like spinach or brown rice

2. Fresh garlic – 4 cloves

3. One Medium Red Onion

4. Half to One medium Red Pepper

5. Bag of fresh organic spinach

6. Box of Fresh Basil

7. Handful of sun dried tomatoes – Dry kind not in liquid

8. 6-8 Mushrooms

9. Olive oil

10. Grated favorite cheese - optional


1. Cook Pasta in salted water al dente

2. Chop and sauté onion and garlic in olive oil until translucent

3. Add chopped red pepper and simmer

4. Add spinach and basil and let wilt for a few minutes

5. Add chopped mushrooms and chopped sundried tomatoes

6. Add a cup of salted pasta water and simmer

7. Drain pasta and add to pot, mix and simmer for a few minutes.

8. Serve and enjoy 9. Goes well with a side of green salad or steamed broccoli

*For the non-strict vegan among us, sprinkle grated cheese/s of choice to taste.

Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs Pasta

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Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs Pasta


1. Packet of aidells Pineapple/Teriyaki chicken meatballs – fully cooked

2. 1 large onion

3. Two handfuls of broccoli florets pre washed

4. Extra virgin olive oil

5. Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki sauce

6. Ronzoni Garden Delight Spaghetti


1. Chop onion and sauté in a few tablespoons of olive oil

2. Add broccoli, cover pot and lower heat to simmer

3. Boil water and add pasta

4. Add some of pasta water to pot

5. Add meatballs and simmer

6. Add al dente drained pasta to pot

7. Add a few tablespoons Teriyaki sauce to taste and simmer for a few minutes

8. Turn heat off and let stand for a few minutes

9. Serve

Baked Chicken with Vegetables and Couscous

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Baked chicken with Vegetables and Couscous

1. Organic chicken tenders – 1 lb

2. One large red onion

3. One large sweet potato

4. 6-8 small mushrooms

5. Handful of baby carrots – 3 oz

6. I can of lite unpeeled apricot halves – 15 oz

7. Less Sodium Soy Sauce – Kikkoman is good

8. Stoneground with Horseradish Mustard – or any favorite of yours

9. Extra virgin olive oil

10. Red wine

11. Large baking Pyrex


1. Slice red onion in thin to medium slices (can be a rough chop) and layer on bottom of Pyrex

2. Slice sweet potato in thing to medium slices (same) and layer on top of onion

3. Slice mushrooms and layer on top on potato

4. Spread baby carrots on top of mushrooms

5. Pour half of liquid our and pout apricots and liquid on top

6. Layer chicken tenders on top

7. Make a Sauce, to taste, using soy sauce, olive oil, mustard, and red wine. Make sure its well mixed and pour over chicken and vegis.

8. Preheat oven to 375

9. Cover dish with tin foil or cover and bake for 50-65 minutes until everything is cooked well and tender.

10. Pour over couscous and serve.

Special Oatmeal

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Special Oatmeal

1.    1 ¼ cup water

2.    Bunch raisins (I likeSun-Made)

3.    Bunch dried cranberries (I like Sun-Made Cape Cod)

4.    ½ Teaspoon ground Cinnamon

5.    1/3 cup + Oatmeal (I likeThe Silver Palate Thick and Rough Oatmeal)

6.    I small banana, or pear, or peach

7.    Bunch Blueberries (I likefrozen or fresh organic wild blueberries), or strawberries, or raspberries

8.    1/3 cup vanilla or chocolate Almond or Rice Milk (Chocolate Almond mild works very well)

9.    Two-Three wedges of dark chocolate(I like Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Wedges or Lindt 70% cocoa Chocolate)




1.    Put water, cinnamon,raisins, cranberries and chopped banana in a pot and bring to a boil.

2.    Add oatmeal, reduce heat andsimmer until most water in gone.

3.    Add blueberries and Almond milk.

4.    Bring to a boil and turn heat off

5.    Put the two Chocolate wedges in and stir

6.    Cover and let stand for 2-4minutes

7.    Eat with a side of non-fat Latte



Chicken & Turkey Sausage with Beans and Couscous

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Organic Chicken & Turkey Sausage with Beans and Couscous*

1. I medium red onion

2. I medium tomato

3. Broccoli

4. Two Chicken & Turkey Sausages – We like Applegate Organics fire roasted red pepper Chicken and Turkey Sausage

5. Baked Beans – We like Bush’s best Vegetarian Baked Beans 6. Red pepper flaks

7. Cumin

8. Oregano

9. Olive oil


1. Chop onion and tomato and sauté in olive oil

2. Chop two Sausages and add to pot

3. Add spices to taste and cook for a few minutes on low heat

4. Add bakes Beans

5. Make couscous – We like Near East Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil Couscous

6. Steam Broccoli

7. Put cooked Couscous in bowl and pour sausage and beans mixture on top

8. Serve with side on steamed broccoli

9. Can spread Parmesan cheese on top is desired.

*Use organic for vegetables and sausage whenever possible

Spicy Pasta with Bell Peppers, Tomatoes and Garlic

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Spicy Angle Hair Pasta with Bell Peppers, Tomatoes and Garlic

1.3 large Bell Peppers (one green, one red, one yellow)

2. 4-6 cloves of garlic

3. 3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4. Red pepper flacks to taste

5. Fresh Basil

6. Fresh Parsley

7. Angle Hair pasta

8. Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese


1. Chop Bell Peppers and Tomatoes and sauté in olive oil

2. Chop and add garlic

3. Add pepper flacks to taste

4. Boil water and cook pasta Al dente

5. Add pasta to vegetables turn heat off, cover and let sit for a few minutes

6. Put in serving dish, add chopped fresh parsley, basil and fresh grated cheese and serve.

* Works well without the cheese as a vegan dish

Easy spinach cheese tortellini with chicken meatballs

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Easy spinach cheese tortellini with chicken meatballs


1. I packet aidells Chicken meatballs - fully cooked

2. Buitoni Spinach Cheese Tortelini

3. I medium red onion

4. 5 cloves of garlic

5. olive oil 1/3 cup

6. I medium organic tomato

7. 3 handfulls of organic fresh spinach

8. Buitoni reduced far Pesto with Basil

9. Shredded imported Parmesan


1. Chop onion and garlic and sauté in olive oil

2. Once caramelized add chopped tomato 3-4 minutes

3. Add meatballs lower heat and simmer 2-3 minutes

4. Add spinach and pesto

5. Add cooked tortellini

6. Simmer for a few minutes while spinach wilts

7. Turn heat off and let sit for few minutes 8. Serve and eat with Parmesan cheese on top

Comfy Egg and Salami Sandwich.

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Comfy Egg and Salami Sandwich.


1. Two organic eggs

2. Good dry sliced salami

3. Olive oil

4. Whole grain high fiber bread, sliced

5. Grated Parmesan and Swiss cheese

6. Spicy brown mustard

7. Olive oil mayonnaise


1. Fry eggs in olive oil

2. When half way cooked layer salami slices on top of egg and sprinkle cheese cover and finish cooking.

3. Toast bread

4. Spread mustard on one slice and mayo on the other

5. Place egg, salami and cheese pile in the middle and enjoy

Spicy Chicken with Tomato sauce and Quinoa

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Spicy Chicken with Tomato sauce and Quinoa


1. I packet of organic chicken tenders

2. I red onion - chopped 3. 6-8 mushrooms - chopped

4. I red or orange bell pepper - chopped

5. 1/3 cup olive oil

6. Ground Cumin

7. Italian Seasoning

8. Crushed red pepper

9. Pereg Quinoa with Mushrooms

10. I can 28oz Contadina crushed tomato’s with Italian seasoning

11. I cup red wine (good wine you drink)


1. Put 2/3 of the oil in a non-stick pan and sauté chopped onion, mushrooms, pepper and tomatoes. Once translucent, take out of pan.

2. Pour rest of oil in and sear chicken tenders a few minutes on each side.

3. Add sautéed vegetables back in, can of crushed tomatoes and I cup red wine.

4. Add spices to taste, lower heat and simmer for 45 minutes to an hour.

5. 20 minutes before done dish is done, make Quinoa according to instructions on box.

6. Spoon chicken dish over Quinoa and enjoy.

Grilled Salmon Pasta

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 Grilled Salmon Pasta


1. 1 piece of grilled salmon flaked – Can get a nice piece from whole foods or grill at home

2. 2 organic tomato’s’ chopped 3-4

3. handfuls of fresh spinach

4. 1/3-cup olive oil

5. Fresh grated Parmesan cheese

6. Juice of half a lemon


1. Favorite pasta – cook Al dente

2. Heat up oil and sauté tomatoes

3. Add salmon and spinach till wilts

5. Add lemon juice and pasta and simmer for a few minutes

5. Turn heat off and let rest for a few minutes

6. Sprinkle cheese and serve